Benson’s Flower Fund

We here at the Benson Memorial Library believe that learning happens everywhere. Inside of our library you’ll find everything you want to learn about our world in the many books, DVDs, and other library materials you’ll find in our building. At our library events you’ll learn how to build, play, and share with our library staff and others in our community. This year we’re expanding the learning that happens inside the library and moving things outside to the gardens around our building. With that, we are happy to announce the beginning the Benson’s Flower Fund, a fundraising effort to help sustain and grow the gardens around the Benson Memorial Library and educate our community about the importance of gardens and flowers to our local ecosystem.

2018 saw the beginning of our new gardens around the Benson Memorial Library. With the help of dedicated volunteers and community partners such as the Titusville Garden Club we were able to start rebuilding the gardens around the Benson Memorial Library to give our community not only something beautiful to look at but also gardens that teach our community members about the plants and wildlife around them. Last spring we created a Pollinator Garden on the southern side of our building. The Pollinator Garden was designed by volunteers Carolyne Frycke and Haley Hoenke and features only plants native to Pennsylvania that encourage nature’s pollinators such as butterflies, hummingbirds, moths, and honeybees a place to thrive and help our local ecosystem. Our pollinator garden features plants such as borage, milkweed, annabelle hydrangea, bee balm, tiger lillies, violets, creeping butte, blazing stars, columbine, and coneflowers. Last summer with the help of the Titusville Garden Club we were able to install a planter box in front of our sign that featured a number of beautiful annuals that bloom through the summer months to bring joy to the many people that visit our library. In addition to this planter box we also spruced up the area around the memorial bench in our front lawn and added some flowers around that area.

​In Spring 2019 we are excited to begin our yearly fundraising effort to help support all of the gardens around the Benson Memorial Library. This year’s goal of $1,000 will allow us to accomplish the following:

  • Purchase new plants and flowers for the gardens.
  • Purchase mulch and other supplies to tend to the gardens.
  • Purchase and display informational panels about the different types of plants and flowers in the gardens and how they impact our local ecosystem.

To donate to Benson’s Flower Fund, donations can be made in person at the Benson Memorial Library or mailed to 213 North Franklin Street Titusville PA. Checks should be made out to the Friends of the Benson Memorial Library with Benson’s Flower Fund in the memo line.